What are the key requirements for an NGO to get IDRF funding?

What are the key requirements for an NGO to get IDRF funding?

IDRF offers funding to various charity and development programs through different NGOs across India and few other countries. When selecting NGOs, IDRF considers several factors to make the best utilization of its limited funds. Thus, there is no chance of misusing or wasting money funded by this one of the renowned Indian charity organizations in the USA.

As the USA-based tax-exempt public charity, India Development and Relief Fund (IDRF), Inc. is known for its ethical and transparent work approach. This US based nonprofit supporting India understands its responsibility towards society, and hence it stands with the people through different NGOs throughout India.

In today’s interview with Dr. Prakash, I discussed the vital factors that IDRF considers while choosing NGOs for various relief or development projects.

  • Prakash said that the first and most important criteria required by IDRF for funding any NGO is the FCRA (Foreign Contribution Regulation Act) certificate. As per the rules of the Government of India, to transfer funding to any NGO, it requires an FCRA registration certificate. The NGO must complete three years or more from its commencement to apply for FCRA registration. Thus, before giving funds to any NGO, they need to provide their FCRA certificate, which is the most important & essential requirement for receiving funds from IDRF.
  • For any development or charity program, before donating to any Indian NGO, the IDRF team does due diligence about the NGOs including checking their documents. They also review the last two years’ audited financials for further verification. Dr. Prakash, said that this Indian Charity in USA initiates the projects only after thoroughly evaluating the track record, trustworthiness & FCRA status of NGOs.
  • In addition, priority should be given to NGOs having less than 10% overhead. As per IDRF principles, minimizing operation expenses helps maximize the best utilization of funds.
  • Moreover, IDRF does not provide 100% funds for any new NGO for their project but suggests NGOs to raise partial funds for their project. This helps NGOs to undertake their moral responsibility and sustainability.
  • IDRF also prefers for NGOs in India to have some donor base in the USA too. With community support from their donors in the USA, it becomes easier to raise funds for any projects or needs of the NGO.
  • IDRF is a reliable charity supporting Indian NGOs without resorting to any galas or fund raising concerts.
  • As one of the leading Indian American charities, IDRF receives donations from people due to its goodwill, commitment, responsibility, and transparency.
  • For IDRF, when it comes to making grants to Indian NGOs, it works ethically by considering its moral responsibility without limiting any boundaries of religion, caste, or creed.
  • In case of any project work of an NGO that lasts for more than a year, IDRF provides funds in multiple tranches. The IDRF team scrutinizes the project work after a year to ensure its effectiveness & efficiency as per their expectations before releasing the remaining funds.

Thus, this trustworthy non-profits in the USA supporting India always endeavors the best utilization of its funds to value the money & trust of its donors.

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